Innovation clarification

June 13, 2008

Free software doesn’t have vision and groundbreaking interface strategies?  Maybe you haven’t heard, but our technology powers SPACE SHIPS.


4 Responses to “Innovation clarification”

  1. Alex Says:

    I’m not sure, but does Havoc’s post sound a bit like a defense why they keep Gnome “boring” ? Like they feel everybody nowadays feels that KDE4 is/will be the cool thing where new stuff happens while Gnome just stays unexciting as it is ?
    Good sign for us ?


  2. frinring Says:

    Hi Alex, I just wonder who is “us” and if it is really GNOME against KDE? Isn’t it rather non-free vs. free software? 🙂

    Wait, it is Italy vs. Romania right now 🙂

  3. Alex Says:

    Check the comments here, the Gnomes don’t feel as good as I would have expected:


  4. Rudd-O Says:

    This was exactly what I thought, man!

    The gnomers will turn this post into a GNOME decadence series element.

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