Be free. KDE. (new image series starting)

June 2, 2008

On our very own homepage, we’ve got an image right at the top with the text “be free.”  It’s a bit vague, but that’s kind of the point isn’t it?  Everyone should be asking “be free to what?

Well, that answer falls in line with the question “What does KDE mean to you?”  Hopefully people don’t gloss over such questions, and actually give it some thought.  For every person, the answer is going to be unique.  Maybe someone wants to “be free to use open file formats and standards” and another person wants to “be free to use their computer without pants.”  How KDE helps with that last one I’m not exactly sure, but it sure as hell doesn’t stop you from doing that, and we practically recommend it.  And no, I don’t mean that the computer isn’t wearing pants, but KDE doesn’t even care if that’s what you actually meant.

4.1 is now in its third trimester (only 6 months gestation mind you) and it’s starting to kick and the devs are starting to tell me to mind my own business and they “have every right to eat for two.”  The first release after our paradigm shift with 4.0, it’s time to reflect a bit and remind ourselves about this tagline.  Sure, it’s a unique selling proposition that commercial OS teams can’t mimic, but it more importantly describes KDE’s DNA, freedom is in our genetic make-up.  Like our devastating good looks.  And ability to sing karaoke.  But “be free, keep being easy on the eyes and singing well” is not so catchy.  So “be free” it is.

For this new image series, the goal is the same as the previous ones: get people, regardless of their affiliation to KDE, to stop and think why they have a passion for KDE.  Keep the text simple and don’t over-complicate things.  Set up the theme and get out of the way.

Here are some samples, and as you have already guessed, the originals in all their mega-pixel glory can be found at my public photo album here.  More images will be added in upcoming weeks.


14 Responses to “Be free. KDE. (new image series starting)”

  1. metellius Says:

    Is the multiple clocks one an obscure reference to the overuse of the clock plasmoid? 🙂

  2. I love these ( As I have most of the ones you have done so far )

    I really need to get my hands on an A3 color printer so I can paste these all over my little office! 🙂

    – Nikolaj

  3. Thiago Macieira Says:

    Finally someone gets my need to have multiple clocks!

    Great stuff, Wade.

  4. Cyrill Helg Says:

    The last one really is funny 🙂

    Great work

  5. Raul Says:

    For me KDE being free means two things:

    1.- It is free software and has a real commitment to open file formats and standards, and therefore makes the free software world stronger.

    2.- It gives you absolute freedom to use the computer the way you want, without being afraid of breaking old paradigms and try new ways.

    I really thing that “Be free” really gives you good idea of what KDE stands for.

    Thanks to all the developers for making such an amazing DE, and thank you for providing this wonderful images.

  6. The clocks image is _brilliant_!

  7. moltonel Says:

    These images continue to be really nice (although the multiple-clock one is really an insider joke 🙂 ), but they lack something very important : space in an advertising campaign.

    Previous sucessfull campaign of Firefox springs to mind. If no plan exists yet, now would be a great time to do something for the 4.1 release. I’m sure KDE and its sponsors can afford to buy some web banners. Lots of web banners ? Newspapers ? Street posters ? 10-minutes clip during the superbowl ?

  8. Luca Says:

    Brilliant! The mix of extremely good taglines like in the second image and tongue-in-cheek insider jokes like the third is just great 🙂

    I just came home from LinuxTag where we had some prints of the “what does KDE mean to you” series of images on the wall of our booth. You wouldn’t believe how many people asked whether they could buy a copy. We couldn’t really do that, so I pointed them to the picasa album and told them they could get the images from there.
    It would be great to have these images hosted on a more “official” place like and maybe even to offer poster-sized version of them along with other KDE merchandise. Getting approval for such a move wouldn’t be hard since the general reaction to your images ranges from “wow!” to “brilliant! genius! this will replace the Mona Lisa at the Louvre!” 🙂

  9. jrick Says:

    Love the last one. :p

  10. simba Says:

    Sorry for saying this but I don’t get the last one. Everyone seams to know what it means (because many like it) but I just don’t get it.

    I like the fist one the most. But it could have been a little less signs. It gives the impression of beeing confusing instead of diverse.

  11. NGW Says:

    Wonderful copy! 🙂

  12. Frerich Says:

    The first two are kinda cheesy, but the last one is awesome. 🙂

  13. H Says:

    ¿Who is the creator of that images?

    ¿Can i contribute with my own image?

    ¿Are that images free to publish in other sites? I will publish some of then in my fotoblog and print some to distribuite. 🙂

    We can’t do one big campain in the TV but we can talk to friends and give / recommend it with our own hands.

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