KDE. Don’t look back.

May 28, 2008

Back in the archaic age before KDE 4 (I think referred to as “the Dark Ages”, although I only have a basic PHD in History), the illuminati known as the Marketing Working Group discussed a user type known as “Adoptus Earlicus: The Early Adopter.”  This user is savvy, inquisitive and adventurous.  They are not afraid to try new things out and are not afraid of mistakes.  They are likely a resource of advice and expertise to friends, family and coworkers.  In fact, some of their identity might due in part their computer literacy.  A bit of a maverick.  Sound familiar?

To help facilitate discussions, I came up with a series of images based on the phase “Don’t look back.”  There are plenty of people who are thinking of moving over to KDE.  Maybe procrastination and “next week.”  Maybe they’re waiting “for the next version” before switching over to KDE.    But they see the benefits, they track the improvements with 4.X and know what to expect, they’ve done the research on file formats and KDE’s library of software, they see the community, they know it’s inevitable.    My advice to them?  Make the switch with confidence, and “don’t look back.”  Stay on the cutting edge.

You know the drill: The large original, printable images (11 – collect them all!) can be viewed and downloaded here.  Hopefully these images can be of use and will provoke some reflection or even introspection about KDE user types.  What motivates different computer users to learn more about KDE?  Whom do you target with your software, how can you make your software better for them, and how do you reach them?  What’s their incentive, and if they use your software, what’s their reward?

Three thumbnail examples for your viewing pleasure.

NOTE: I have every confidence a will get a blog comment stating the correct translation of “Early Adopter.”


9 Responses to “KDE. Don’t look back.”

  1. Hrw Says:

    I already tried to keep with ‘cutting edge’ of KDE 4.1-svn — after few months I gave up and upgraded all my machines to KDE 3.5.9 to get really usable environment.

    Now I am waiting for 4.1 final release to give it a try on my desktop.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    my guess would be ‘accommodens acerbus’, but I’m sure it could be refined further.

  3. jt Says:

    I don’t think flattering people’s egos is a very commendable way of getting them to adopt KDE 4.

  4. wackou Says:

    Awesome, just as yesterday’s series!
    Especially love the one with the sheep.
    Keep’em comin’!!

  5. Olaf Schmidt Says:

    Latin: homo primum accipientium
    English: A human of the first receivers/accepters/learners

  6. Team America Says:

    It’s OK to be the lone buffalo standing all by itself, when the Indians run the herd over a cliff.

  7. Thomas K Says:

    At present, it seems to be “make the switch with confidence” unless you need to use a proxy server…

    Sorry, that’s cynical. Overall it’s a definite improvement. But people should know what they might have to face, before they switch.

  8. […] den ich hiermit dazu leiste ist der Verweis auf die wirklich gelungenen KDE 4 Werbebanner von Wade Jolson denen ich eine große Verbreitung […]

  9. mr_yoda Says:

    kde what 4? hehe…
    ok, it’s cool cutting edge, if you CPU cuts edge itself. for my 5 old huckleberry the new kde 4 would be lkie bad 4.
    i will stay with gnome, as it gives smooth effects too – in functionality and stability, and in the end it’s all that counts mr. don’t look back.


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