What does KDE mean to you? (denouement)

May 27, 2008

Last fall, when everyone was envisioning what KDE 4 would become, I asked everyone “What does KDE mean to you?”  More than just another Three Letter Acronym.  Although we may all have different ideas, together we’re free to form KDE collectively into a giant Starburst head sculpture, the best software on the planet, or both.

This unique situation led to a series of images with the tagline “KDE is ours.”  It can’t be taken away, hijacked, or made to star in a depressing Hollywood remake because it’s short of cash and a little desperate.  KDE is what we make of it, and will be what we can imagine and realize.

Here are the final images from this series – can’t really go much further.  It’s all about coming together, bringing our unique talents, and realizing that our diversity supercedes any budget.  Let’s all hug.

As always, these images are just thumbnails and can be viewed and downloaded in all their 3000X2000 glory here.

and what post would be complete without teasing Torsten?

New image series will be coming this spring and summer.

UPDATE: Sorry, Word Press posted the thumbnails as being links..to thumbnails, that doesn’t make sense. Also, the Planet is ignoring my “more” tag; I didn’t intend such a long entry to be posted in entirety.


11 Responses to “What does KDE mean to you? (denouement)”

  1. kwilliam Says:

    Awesome. I’ve loved this series… I may try printing some of them as posters and sticking them places to get attention.

    I don’t get the joke about Marble though. Is it really having portability issues on other platforms, or are you just joking about how HUGE it has become, from a small map applet to a Google Earth rival?

  2. jospoortvliet Says:

    Wade – amazing. Again. I really love these pictures, they are incredibly useful when doing presentations about KDE…

  3. annma Says:

    I like the “Every person can make a difference” and the Marble tease!

  4. shamaz Says:

    I really like the first and the 2nd.
    good work 🙂

  5. Jesper Says:

    I love these images and their messages, good work 🙂

  6. Awesome work as always 🙂
    Love them.

  7. Joe Says:

    Really nice photos and ideas but you should definitely use a better font.

  8. Thomas Walther Says:

    Hahaha they’re AWESOME! Seriously. I could really imagine them on billboards. This ad campain is genious! 😀

  9. Heller Says:

    sorry, I couldn’t resist :-/

    cheers & peace 🙂

  10. Dread Knight Says:

    Nice images! Love them =)

  11. […] What does KDE mean to you? (denouement) Last fall, when everyone was envisioning what KDE 4 would become, I asked everyone “What does KDE mean to […] […]

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