ars comparison: will better tools mean better results?

May 7, 2008

It’s hard not to notice a comparison between two articles currently on ars technica.  On one hand, Peter Bright writes about Microsoft’s troubled attempts at modernizing code bases and standardizing tool kits.  At the same time, Ryan Paul delves into the new features of the freshly released Qt 4.4.

$COMPANY has had good opportunities to do something about this, but they have been systematically squandered through a combination of ineptitude, mismanagement, and slavish adherence to backwards compatibility. The disillusionment I feel is incredible.

$TOOLKIT has a lot to offer on Windows CE and is well suited for creating graphically rich touchscreen user interfaces. Developers say that it offers good performance and strong support for the native look and feel of the platform. $COMPANY’s tools support tight integration with Visual Studio, which means that it will be easy for existing Windows CE developers to adopt the framework.

Can you guess which quote is about a small Norwegian company trying to compete against well-known international software behemoths and which quote is about Microsoft (that actually owns Windows CE and Visual Studio)?

Congratulations to the Trolltech team: Now stop celebrating and get 4.5 out the door.


2 Responses to “ars comparison: will better tools mean better results?”

  1. Andreas Says:

    Sometimes the good guys win, especially if you can’t buy the votes…

  2. Carlos A. Says:

    The Toolkit, obviously refers to Trolltech.
    The article about M$ is not just one, its going to be 3, there are 2 right now.
    Opss, yes, I’ve read all the articles mentioned =P~
    I’m not really a programmer, but how is the programming environment for Linux? Thanks.

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