Earth Day

April 22, 2008

Well, it’s Earth Day today, and you all know what that means:  buying cheap plastic crap to celebrate!

In my office building, there’s a small cafeteria in the basement.  You can imagine my giddiness when I stumbled upon this set-up:

Saving the earth one cup at a time

Neither the sign nor the mugs have any mention of donations or a charity or anything.  It’s just buying plastic crap to celebrate.  Even TwoGirlsOneCup made a more sensible use of a beverage container.

Anyone have any similar ironical situations today?  And of course remember “Every day is Earth Day.”


3 Responses to “Earth Day”

  1. Ian Monroe Says:

    The plastic cups are kind of silly, but the point is that you’d re-use these cups rather then disposable cups. If your cafeteria doesn’t use disposable cups anyways, then it’s pretty pointless yea.

    Regardless of that, I think I got you beat. 🙂 The state of Missouri is going to be lowering the sales tax on a variety of environmental-friendly products during Earth day starting next year. It’s a good intention certainly; people should replace their incandescent bulbs. But like the cups, it does send the mixed message that we can consume our way to environmental efficiency. I always saw the main message of Earth Day being that we should find ways to cut down on our consumption.

    I’m also somewhat cynical on what products are going to end up being deemed pro-environment…

  2. mat69 Says:

    Well I never heard of “Earth Day” before.
    It’s amazing what kind of “days” have emerged.

    Imo these days are for nothing. I guess it’s similar to other days like the children day. Some articles in news papers and business as usual the next day.

  3. r Says:

    no i think taht is good

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