KDE Americas

April 15, 2008

Is that the final name? Doubtful.  We haven’t announced the date of the event or the exact location in Jamaica either, so don’t sweat the details.  As Troy noted in his recent blog entry, what’s important is the general idea that we’ll be taking the momentum from the Release Event and parlaying it into annual meetings on this side of the world.

With the announcement of planned releases (every six months) to manage expectations for VARs, distros and hardware manufacturers, how conveeenient that we may have larger gatherings every six months around the time of the release.  Coincidental?  You decide.  Beneficial?  Definitely.

I want to reiterate one of Troy’s prudent points:  We may not be releasing many updates before AaKkademy, as we don’t want to distract for AaKkademy planning and announcements.  Nonetheless, I’m excited to build on the success of the Release Event, establish an event with its own identity, and in general see everyone again.  I didn’t even get to meet many American contributors at the Release Event (Jason Harris for example).  Such is life when you spend half the week in the opthamologist’s office.

But this brings up another important point: I am more than a little jealous when reading the blog entries of the community in Europe, and recently even India and South America.  You may take for granted getting to see other community members on a fairly regular basis.  It’s fairly rare for members such as myself, too rare.  We hope to change this.  At some point it may be no big deal for me to see Franz with his girlfriend and without his laptop.  But nonetheless count your blessings.

As for now I’ll have to wait until August to see many of you again.  I’m hoping anyway.  Right now, ticket prices are expensive enough to set off in a rowboat 3 months in advance.  $1300 USD, and I need to drag the girlfriend along.  Seriously?  What’s the timeshare on a Gulfstream nowadays?


One Response to “KDE Americas”

  1. Ian Monroe Says:

    Yea let me know if you want to get rowing.

    I’m also bringing along the girlfriend, but I haven’t even started looking at prices since we’re not sure on dates yet.

    Btw, KDE Americas seems like a fine name. Is there any talk of incorporating? Having a checking account on this side of the pond might be handy. It could still be governed by the e.V. board probably, IANAL.

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