Digging out after Release Event

January 30, 2008

I happen to work for a company that has an interesting twist on vacation time. It seems that if you take a day off, you end up working 10-12 hours to catch up. Expand that equation to taking a week off for the Release Event. It’s really an incentive to just keep working. But I do like my job, so c’est la vie mon petit ami. Still buried, and I have just a metric bathtub full of KDE emails to read. And reply to. If you’ve sent me an email recently (for interviews, comments on certain business deals, etc) give me another day or two.

But I did want to make a quick comment on reactions to the blogging and articles on the Release Event.

  • Feedback: Thanks for all of the feedback, it’s appreciated.
  • Quality: Comments such as “setting the bar for future events” “best KDE event I’ve been to” in multiple places is rally flattering. The Event Team and Google’s Angels ™ worked hard to deliver.
  • Streaming: I’m really happy with the response and utility of the streaming. Franz and the other deserve some extra virtual high-fives for that.
  • Global parties: It was really heartwarming to see blog entries about the success of global parties. Seeing images of mid-party video streams around the marble is great. Comment dit-on gearhead en francais? The party planners deserve plenty of credit, Real Life ™ was getting in my way so badly that I was a bottleneck to their planning, participation and communication.
  • Participation: I need to comment on the levels of participation of some people. In a good way. An example would be Alexandro Colorado of OpenOffice – every time I saw the guy he was engaging someone else to talk about ODF expansion or something similar. Or John Terpstra making connections with KDE people all over. Or Natalie Protasevich of the Linux kernel who helped assemble other kernel devs to meet. Or people doing phone interviews in the bathroom. Or audio interviews with Joe Gaffney during quiet periods (still to be released). Or patching bugs in one demo before the next starts. Or Jean-Baptiste from VLC/VideoLAN talking about his work and giving demos. Or. Or. Or.
  • Trolltech: Thanks to Havaard for casually strolling in at least 60 seconds before his speech started. Maybe 65. I take it he knows the traffic patterns in the area between offices pretty well. Also thanks for a speech that had a very appropriate announcement of licensing. It didn’t steal the thunder of the event and put the focus on TT, but it was very reassuring for the audience to hear. And obviously perfect timing given the Nokia announcement.
  • Google: Thanks to Google for the hard work behind the scenes, then stepping back. And yes you do wi-fi right. When’s the last time people at a conference didn’t bitch about the speed/stability/access of the wi-fi?
  • e.V.: Don’t forget that the e.V. sponsored quite a bit of the event. From flight subsidies to the catered mixer at the Wild Palms. They came through. I can see Cornelius shaking his head while pouring over ROI charts in some KOffice flake shape.
  • Wild Palms: They let us make cookies and hang out in the lobbies, hallways and cantina nonstop. And really, really worked a lot with me on reservations.
  • Wine and costumes: Dude. Seriously. Dude. We had cases of wine with custom KDE Release Event labels thanks to Celeste. And we had the mascots there. You saw the photos.
  • Karaoke: When you’re blind in one eye and can’t see the lyrics, had too many drinks and don’t know the words to Ice Ice Baby, you’re in trouble. I may not know many of the lyrics, but I knew more than Celeste’s boyfriend. And have video evidence. Wait, is that something to brag about? At least I got to Rick Roll ™ the entire bar, and later sing Truckin’ with Patrick V the Slackware MC.
  • Formats: We are still wrangling with the formats of the videos. Apologies. And where the heck is Inge’s speech? At least I got to spend some time with Inge at this event. Beating me in pool might cover for the fact that the Google video team hasn’t turned over his speech video yet (as far as I know anyway).
  • Articles: I really did my best to get press there, and to get press to write abut the event and get interviews lined up and get a coherent/cohesive release message out. If people expected more, sorry. I blame you for not brining a supermodel to draw the paparazzi or not crashing a new ferrari into the pool.
  • Food: We really tried to provide the best meals possible (including sushi for one dinner). It’s too bad that some people looked at the food left, looked at the people in line behind them, looked back at the food, then nonchalantly piled 12 pounds on their plate; leaving others to go hungry. I’ll invite Miss Manners next time.
  • Release announcements: A really understated announcement at the event that shouldn’t be dismissed is the immediate public goals of future 3.5.X/4.0.X/4.1 releases. That along with the continued flood of commits shows the relentless nature of the project. After 2+ years of development, it was critical in my eyes (or single eye) to immediately announce
  • Goodbyes: Due to my medical appointments and whatnot, I didn’t get to say goobye to a majority of the people in attendance. So give yourself a hug from me now. And feel free to make it a bit too long. Kinda awkward and uncomfortable. Keep holding. Yeah, creepy. Are all Americans like this? Moving on…Like Martijn and Jos and Danny and Jeff and Aaron and Cornelius and Dirk and Will and you and you and yes, you way over there. Did I say goodbye to Zack? Was he wearing a kimono already? The worst has to be Jos though. Now that I’ve met him, every time I read an email of his it’s his voice in my head. You can imagine how uncomfortable that is. Get out of my head Jos, get out of my head.
  • Missing people: I didn’t even get to meet some people I was so busy.  Example: Cho from our Korean translation team.  Didn’t get to even say hello after many emails and visas and invitation letters – I feel ill.  Sorry everyone!
  • Safety: Last but certainly least, the event and all related functions was/were safe. A lot of effort to make sure no one ever stops to think about it.

In my last blog entry, I talked about getting the right people together. Let’s not forget getting them together inexpensively and safely in a cool location and providing them with all the facilities they need to be positive and productive. Speaking of…time to get some sleep and dig through email tomorrow. Because people are already pinging me and starting to discuss next year’s event. Thankfully the Canuck is all over it.


3 Responses to “Digging out after Release Event”

  1. Marijn Kruisselbrink Says:

    While the description might not be correct, I’m quite sure http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUg-lIqIYcQ is inge’s talk…

  2. Justin Says:

    Wade, you owe me copies of that Ice Ice Baby performance and any other stuff you’ve got from karaoke. I’m pretty sure the full contribution of my lyrics were something like “Ice ice baby….KDE IN THE HOUSE! Vanilla ice ice baby…” 🙂

  3. Your ‘Vanilla ICE’ was great, I screwed up more while singing ‘My Way’. 🙂

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