Release Event update

January 15, 2008

After a very hectic weekend with little or no internet connectivity, I am finally siting in my hotel room at the Wild Palms hotel with a stable net connection.  This is plenty of work still to be done, so I must get to answering the pages of unread emails in my inbox.  If you’ve contacted me about the event recently, fear not, I should be answering today.

Please don’t forget to add your travel information to this wiki page,  review the release event web page (and note new event address), high-fie yourself that we’re going to have great weather, and wish the same for other global KDE parties.

Video note: Aaron’s keynote is still set for 10:30 am until 12:30pm local time on the 18th. Add 3 hours for processing and the video will be up on youtube for everyone at 3:30pm pacific. Plan to watch it.


One Response to “Release Event update”

  1. Thomas Says:

    will there be a video of aaron’s keynote somewhere not on youtube because youtube is very bad quality (aaron deserves better)?

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