How fast can the i9XX drivers get?

December 28, 2007


8 Responses to “How fast can the i9XX drivers get?”

  1. Avuton Olrich Says:

    That’s really funny, and maybe I’m naieve but I don’t get it.

  2. wadejolson Says:

    In response to Zack’s blog.

  3. vlad Says:

    I assume that this is silently conveying that intel did a poor (shitty:) ) job with their open source driver and some cleaning has/will improve them a lot? aka, a positive response? hard to tell, but amusing nonetheless

  4. wadejolson Says:

    Nah. I was simply inspired by Zack’s poetic phrase: “this is going to fly like Superman with diarrhea” when talking about driver development. No more no less.

    I didn’t know my art was so thought-provoking.

  5. rossi Says:

    You got the direction wrong (Superman should fly towards the toilet cabin), no wonder no one gets the joke instantly.

  6. martin j. ponce Says:

    Sorry, but i don’t get it. =(
    btw, superman already has a lot of problems.

  7. […] How fast can the i9XX drivers get? [image] […]

  8. The Real Klark Kent Says:


    Seems Superman and Lois solved that problem since in “Superman returns” they got it managed to produce a super-child without any of the issues and probably even without any direct contact between both of them. Well, he’s just above such human limits 🙂

    While we are on it; That all character names are starting with the same letter for the first- and the lastname (Lois Lane, Klark Kent, Lex Luthor, Lana Lang, Donald and Dagobert Duck, etc.) turns the whole story into something unrealistic 😦

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