In as a lion and out as a lamb

December 27, 2007

Shshh.  Put your ear up to your speakers.  Listen closely.  Do you hear it?

Neither do I.  The story on everyone’s minds two years prior continually draws closer to conclusion with global apathy and deafening silence.  The anticipated conclusion has long since been written and read; none care to see it acted out.  Revel not in the misery of others, but instead cry tears of relief that today financial life support plug was pulled from this hollow shell of a patient.  Not long for this world, the once proud victim passes on destitute and alone; tragically learning too late that there is only One that enslaves, and it does not share its power.


2 Responses to “In as a lion and out as a lamb”

  1. ethana2 Says:

    …the other eight rings were given to Microsoft, Apple, the MPAA, BSA, RIAA, CRIA, Adobe, and there’s another one out there we haven’t found yet..

    I only hear two now, one in Redmond, and another that keeps flying back and forth between DC and the Californian coast..
    Their time comes soon.
    Ubuntu keeps releasing, and EMI keeps getting less stupid.
    Dell and ATi, of course, keep getting more and more awesome. Who would have thought?

    Here’s to an interesting 2008! ..but not /too/ interesting.

  2. Stefan Nikolaus Says:


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