commit-digest notes

December 27, 2007

In this week’s commit-digest, I’d like to point out two things:

  1.  Kevin Ottens writes of his experiences with a collaboration experiment between a university and the KDE community.  This work should really serve as a template for similar efforts.  I’m really a big fan of building stronger relations with colleges and universities and have actually written up some proposals for more interaction.  If anyone knows of other institutions that would be open to such projects, let me know.
  2. Danny Allen has a link for paypal donations to help fund a new laptop for him.  I definitely plan on giving some money – I was worried when Derek Kite was looking for a replacement for the weekly commit-digest, but Danny has been true to his word on April 9, 2006 when he wrote: “Welcome to the first issue of the new KDE Commit-Digest! It has been just over six months since the last digest by Derek, and this is the first issue of many from me. Enjoy :)”  This need reminds me that we should expand our idea of what a Supporting Member of KDE can be  to include hardware vendors like IBM/Lenovo, HP, Asus, Dell,,, etc.  The KDE e.V. should have some basic asset management and allocation in place.  A couple of laptops and desktops per year to give to community members in need or for contests or whatever.

To recap: Two particular topics that can both be used to look at a broader, generalized situation.


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