Release Event – Site updated

December 19, 2007

Hey everyone.  We have more text on the Release Event website.  The info and travel & lodging sections now have more information – be sure to check it out.  Once speaking times are confirmed and a delivery method is secured, we can comment further on how to watch the keynote talk (and other speeches) remotely.

Thanks to Franz for updating the content; he and I are in a battle on who can work the most and sleep the least.  As with most wars, there are no winners.


2 Responses to “Release Event – Site updated”

  1. mabu Says:

    I have not found in which, timezone, the times for talks are. I could probably google that out, but it will be nice to put the timezone on the site.

    Watching the speeches and keynote remotely would be great.
    Streaming could be done with It has a Linux client too.

  2. I’ll take care of that to make sure it’s on the website as well; we’re generally talking bout local time in California, which is PST (US Pacific Timezone).

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