Release Event – One month from today

December 18, 2007

Sebas, Franz and I had another great conference call with Google yesterday – they’re so easy to work with.  We should be updating the release event web site with some more information shortly, but there’s a decent amount of information on there right now.  Only a month away.  Holy cow.  Final planning to be done, speeches to be written, emails to be sent, tattoos to be designed.  It’s going to be a busy holiday season.  Attendees should be done thinking about Visas and airfare and now thinking about things like laundry and converting currency.

Due to everyone’s schedules of flying in and flying out, Aaron and I discussed leaving the 17th and 19th fairly open for KDE community members.  Let’s see how an organic, self-organizing approach works with discussions.  I’ve reserved 7 or 8 conference rooms around our primary event room, so there’s plenty of opportunity for people to branch off and discuss KOffice and document formats, KDE EDU and games, graphics, 4.1 plans, etc.

We’ll have a guided tour of the Google facilities on the afternoon of the 17th – maybe we can finally see the high-tech toiletry that left Sebas so dazzled.


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