Another KDE pre-install

November 8, 2007

this time with Debian. A SFF PC produced by Manufactum, a German web retailer. If you want a tiny desktop to go with your tiny Asus Eee laptop, maybe this is your answer. Maybe you have very tiny hands, or you have a very very small desk.  The good sign with this device in particular?  We’ve all discussed price point pressure leading to manufacturers including a free OS and software.  But a boutique branded device that’s not cheap?  Interesting.


2 Responses to “Another KDE pre-install”

  1. Leo S Says:

    Wow, so it’s like a really crappy (and probably slower) Eeepc with no screen, 1.5 times the price, and no wireless. Sounds awesome.

  2. Andreas Says:

    Leo S: This is about presence in different markets, not about geek appeal. If people buy this thing with KDE on it I won’t complain. Manufactum, by the way, is not only a web retailer – it’s a mail order company for expensive designer and/or high quality merchandise. It’s also very overpriced for most things.

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