Quick points

November 2, 2007

  • Release Event: Check out this post on Google’s code blog by Leslie about our event on January 17, 2008. You all had better be contacting us and coming, and hopefully we’ll see some local Google employees there as well due to this posting.
  • ALT Linux interview: Did you see what this group is up to? The possibilities and implications are staggering. I’ll be crossing my fingers that all goes well with their bidding process, and they know we’ll support them as needed. With all of the great KDE-Edu work being doing lately, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more such opportunities.
  • I was just contacted by Dave Altavilla, the Editor-in-Chief of HotHardware.com. They’ve just completed a review of the Asus Eee PC. Hopefully we can get a Dot story or an interview with Dave about this new device with a KDE based UI.
  • Another little KDE device, the Intel Classmate PC, gets some startling news at the Mandriva blog site. I don’t know the background of this situation, but I doubt that such strong words from the top would be used without some evidence or certainty? Maybe MS had money left over for bribery from the OOXML debacle after their record earnings report?
  • UPDATE: InformationWeek has some flattering comments about KDE 4.

4 Responses to “Quick points”

  1. Level 1 Says:

    That asus computer looks pretty cool. However, I noticed that they stole amarok and didn’t really give credit; the renamed it “music manager.” The article didn’t even mention this. I guess this is the consequence of open source software.

    Also, should it bug me that they used a win-xp style window decoration?

    Oh well, still a very cool idea. I hope in the future we can have a similar computer with a slightly larger keyboard and screen and more hard drive space, but still be very light and simple.

  2. Torsten Rahn Says:

    Level1: Really, even jokingly you shouldn’t talk about “stealing”.
    The name of the application only got renamed to make it clear to the user what task is “hidden” behind the Symbol. There’s no attempt here to “steal” credits.
    If you click the About dialog it still says “Amarok” in all relevant places and still has all the credits items mentioned in the original source code.
    If you want to see KStars or Kalzium in action just watch:

  3. Derek Says:

    Wade: I’ve got one coming today or monday. I’ll write something up.

    Derek Kite

  4. […] 9th, 2007 Details continue to emerge, but my previous blog quip on the Nigerian Intel Classmate PC situation now involves more visible allegations.  At times like […]

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