What does KDE mean to Sebas?

October 31, 2007

When you, the intrepid reader, last read my blog, I was held back by WordPress from posting my final image, and was using run-on sentences with commas, just like I always do. Here’s one final image for Sebas:

What does KDE mean to Sebas?

We all know that such claims are not appropriate given our current geopolitical climate. Is that little game piece representing KDE, because it uses Oxygen colors? Or does it represent Sebas, because blue is for boys? Call it “artistic license.” We’ll never know. A provocative theme? Multiple options for interpretation? Man, I’m deep. Now I should probably start wearing a beret and turtle-necked sweaters. Maybe play some bongo drums and recite some poetry.


8 Responses to “What does KDE mean to Sebas?”

  1. Jonathan Says:


    I have really enjoyed both the art and the blog entries, any place I can get the images for my desktop background 🙂

  2. Martin J. Ponce Says:

    I shows some solitude.
    As seeing the world from a montain.


  3. Simply Great, excelent.

  4. Inge Wallin Says:

    Obviously, the blue is for Sweden, whose colors are blue and yellow. You missed a piece of the puzzle: there should have been two figures, one blue and one yellow, but I suppose this is just a human mistake on your part. What makes this even more obvious is that the figure is standing on Sweden on the globe, which is apparently the top of the world.

    It also shows that you think that Marble is the premier application in KDE4. Now analyze that!

  5. John Tapsell Says:

    I love your artwork 🙂

  6. mabu Says:

    Are all those nice picture available somewhere, where can be downloaded and used as a wallpaper, because they are brilliant?

  7. scroogie Says:

    Where can we get your images in a better resolution? I would like to print me the accessor / mutator one as a poster!

  8. martin Says:

    Here is the original: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/834078
    Add text and put it on your desktop, and voila.

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