Personal 4.0 wishlist item

October 31, 2007

Everyone of course has a personal checklist of items they’d like to see change before 4.0. I’m not talking about agreed upon changes, planned activities, tasks or reported bugs. I’m talking about “Personally, I’m crossing my fingers that this changes for 4.0. It’s not vital and I doubt I’ll be able to do that work myself, so I’ll just diligently pray nightly to my deity of choice and sacrifice some poultry if necessary.”

My hope? That the default Konqueror/About/Info/Help backgrounds change. The “wave with the line that goes from our logo across the screen over to a gear” theme didn’t do it for me in 3.X and it doesn’t do it for me now. No offense to the original artist, it just doesn’t fit with the oxygen color palette, icons and windecos. Up until now, it’s actually been surprising that distros haven’t looked to rebrand these backgrounds to be more synonymous with their other graphics. Seeing all of the SUSE customizations in green seems odd for example when a very unSUSElike Konqueror window or Help window comes up. I wonder if I can squeeze the time in and it’s not to late to tweak this. Time to project the Oxygen team logo into the night sky like Commissioner Gordon does for Batman.

Personal 4.0 wishlist item


13 Responses to “Personal 4.0 wishlist item”

  1. Mine ? I’d love to see the “About KDE” dragon Konqui with a transparent background and redesigned.

  2. Jan Says:

    We have done the “rebranding” for KDEmod (modular KDE for Arch Linux), and it seems that we are the only ones 🙂

    I dont know if this artwork is also frozen now, but i could take a look into it and modify it…

  3. LordBernhard Says:

    yeah.. plz do this. The current one just doesn’t fit anymore!

  4. Ben Says:

    Just get rid of konqi the dragon while your at it, that dragon is very ugly.

  5. apokryphos Says:

    I think the idea of rebranding it was floated around, but in openSUSE 10.3 the default Konqueror screen is the openSUSE homepage , in fact, and not the about:konqueror page.

  6. Leo Says:

    There was a new design on kde-dev (I think), but I can’t find the link at the moment. Not sure if it died.

  7. Joseph Tate Says:

    I looked into doing this, sometimes Blue doesn’t match the distro’s theme. Turns out that the png images that make up the background are not easily brandable, and in fact, the base pages are built at compile time from components. The page is used in kcontrol, akregator, and a host of other apps too. It would be great if you could change it on a distro wide level.

    If someone has a better way, I’d love to hear about it. I’ll have to look at how Arch does it.

  8. maxjen Says:

    Actualy the Oxygen artists have already made a new background, i’ve seen it in their irc channel, but i don’t have the link.

  9. Hey, wish granted and quite some time now 🙂
    Lee Olson is taking kare of that,
    here is a link for the base work

  10. wadejolson Says:

    @Nuno: Thanks for the response. It looks like I’m not the only Olson concerned with it?

    Do you know if that same look and feel will be used consistently for About pages and Online Help and such?

  11. No i dont know, I wish it is. Lee was working on that and i gave him a litle help but he is still working on that.
    I’m more that willing to help there also. (just the prety pictures)

  12. wadejolson Says:

    @Nuno: Thanks for the quick feedback. Now to hunt down this Lee Olson! Maybe they were at my family reunion?

  13. enricoros Says:

    Nuno: thanks for helping here too!! I love you 😀 The current wave is ugly and space consuming and eye killing!! The new one looks sweet alredy!
    Go Go! 😉

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