KDE image series uploaded

October 31, 2007

People have been asking throughout my thought provoking (self-deprecating humor intended) series of “What does KDE mean to you?” to get the larger original images for various reasons. I’ve uploaded all of the large images from this series to my Google Picasa site and they can be found here. They’re not in 4:3 or 16:9 dimensions, as I never really intended them for wallpapers (why they’re just not on kde-look.org). Also remember that “KDE is ours” was just some running theme of mine for this series and not some official KDE tagline.

Just pick the image of interest and Picasa will give you a somewhat larger version (still not original size). You can then either click on “Download Photo” on the right-hand side or select the magnifying glass icon to get the original size, then right-click and save. These images are based from stock images from a talented artist “lusi” and the terms of use can be found here. I’m not modifying the terms at all for my adaptations. Have fun!

On a similar note, here’s another one for the series. In the U.S. we’re getting completely out of control with commercialism and the holidays. The last weekend in September, stores were already starting to put out Christmas displays. So, being Halloween today, does that mean that I should be covering um….Valentine’s Day? Similar to the “Spread the love” images (all of these are on Picasa), the KDE community wouldn’t be donating energy and time if we didn’t have a little passion for KDE, would we?

Isn’t that just precious? Maybe I should send Tom Chance a box of chocolates and a puppy with a ribbon for a collar.


3 Responses to “KDE image series uploaded”

  1. Stefan Nikolaus Says:


  2. Hans Hansen Says:

    How about “KDE for all!”?

  3. Martin J. Ponce Says:

    Today we begin the holidays for the faithful departed.
    (spanish: dia de muertos).

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