What does KDE mean to you?

October 30, 2007

Some quick themes to add to previous efforts. What are we trying to accomplish here, besides wasting your bandwidth? Brainstorming and doing some visuals that represent what’s going on with the KDE community. So far, I’ve focused on “KDE is ours” simply because it keep driving home the fact “the whole is larger than the sum of the parts.” We may all have different interests and talents and goals, but together we create some collection consciousness that is KDE. People + machines + network + code + ethics + vision = something pretty special. And remember, I’m a math major, so don’t question my work. The proof of my equation through induction is “left as a trivial exercise for the reader.” Start with “If there exists at least one user who thinks KDE is kick-ass” then add users and known values from past lessons. You’ll get there. Remember, I grade on a curve, so you’ve just got to do better than my other blog readers.

Where was I? Oh yes, I’ll probably be starting on a “What does KDE stand for?” theme soon enough. In the meantime, let’s wrap up this series in a couple more blog entries. These next two images are specifically for Sebas, I won’t lie. He always cites a goal of KDE as “World Domination.” Noble indeed. Seething with jealousy after I made some comical images for his fairer half Ade, here’s a barrage solely for Sebas and his lofty goals for KDE.


It’s a good looking image. And I like the togetherness aspect. And the fact that the world is clearly a bit antiquated and in need of change. But the tagline is both a bit clumsy and ambiguous. So let’s try a different image with a similar message.


I tried to work in “the world of software” or “history of software” or “outdated and antiquated means for proprietary creation, delivery and control of software through secretive processes and strong armed intellectual property laws” but nothing seemed to work. Specifically mentioning software can water down the message of the strength in our community. Like the arrow comprised of people in my first image of the series, I hope the direction is clear. But again, the tagline is a bit vague. Although, it does drive home the point that our goals aren’t solely to create a better widget set or toolkit or file manager. It’s the comprehensive approach to helping people freely communicate with each other and learning through open platforms, systems, protocols and formats.  NOTE: WordPress is cutting me off from displaying the grand finale image.  You’ll have to wait.


8 Responses to “What does KDE mean to you?”

  1. aseigo Says:

    we’re changing the world together?
    we’re making history together?
    we’re create the future together?

    but “changing history” is usually frowned upon, unless you’re into disrupting the space-time continuum by flying around in nuclear powered delorians. or .. you know … denying past atrocities.

  2. Louis Says:

    I LOVE that first one!

  3. wadejolson Says:

    @aseigo: are you sure you’re not worried about “changing history” due to Canada’s historic regimes of violence and revisionist history? Maybe just sticking with “changing the world” as in the first image is the way to go.

    @Louis: Thanks for the feedback.

  4. Stefan Says:

    I wish to echo aseigo’s comment about ‘changing history’. Maybe you’re right about it being a Canadian thing, eh? And who knows – maybe you’re right about those historic regimes of violence and revisionist history. You just don’t hear about the war of 1812 in school. Canadians are anxious to forget it. In our defence, the land was not yet considered a country by its own right.

  5. Nick Says:

    Change the world. <- I like that one!

    Lasoo the world? <- Well I guess you have to have the world first to change it :p

  6. Diederik Says:


    That image is brilliant. Definitely another masterpiece. I couldn’t believe what I’d see 🙂

    And I’d keep that “old world” metaphor. Nice pun 🙂

  7. Diederik Says:

    I don’t get the tagline really “Together I like our odds?” huh? The second one is really good.

  8. Martin J. Ponce Says:

    Great job! Brilliant!
    Please, tell me if it is posible to get the images to translate them.

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