Q: What are you doing exactly 3 months from today?

October 17, 2007

A: Possibly joining us at the KDE 4.0 Release Event in Mountain View, CA.

Two weeks ago, we announced the KDE 4.0 Release Event at the Googleplex, being held January 17-19, 2008. After that, we announced a contest to fly the winner out to the event. And now we’re opening up attendance at the event to everyone.

Reason for the event: Remember, the general location (U.S. and Silicon Valley), the event site (Google U.S. headquarters/volcano lair) and the rare nature of event (a .ZERO release worked on for years) has given us a unique chance to bring the press, the I.T. industry and the North American KDE community together. That confluence led our decision to generate an initial invitation list. We have limited space (seating and hotel space), and wanted to make sure that we used the space as best we could. In no way was there ever a goal to be exclusionary. So now that invitations have been sent out, it’s time to get back to the idea of open community.

If you can come to the Bay Area for the Release Event: Contact Troy Unrau and I at release-event[at]kde.org. We can send you more in-depth information about the event. Details will follow in the upcoming weeks. However, for people traveling internationally we really want to give people a full three months to secure a visa. So get on it! Quick note: Google can provide a hard-copy invitation to assist in securing a visa. Hotel will be covered. All meals will be covered. Travel is not covered. We have some ability to subsidize flights, but please be kind to the budget. It’s fragile and frail.

How I came up with the original invitation list: It was fairly simple. North Americans community members we knew about. The KDE board and working group members. A few KDE members that would likely speak. Followed by press I know of, businesses in the area or familiar with KDE, KDE sponsors, and distros. Any approach that leans heavily on Wade’s knowledge is doomed to failure. In other words:

  • Press: It’s tough to find good contact information online. If you work for a newspaper (tech or business section), magazine or technical journal and I haven’t contacted you, it’s not for lack of trying. If you are interested in covering the event, by all means contact us. If you blog regularly on tech events or do podcasts, contact us. We’ll actually be sending out press-related information and story outlines/templates for those interested in writing, but can’t attend in person (good idea that merits more virtual high-fives for Troy and his cousin). So if you can’t make it, but want to write….wait for it….contact us.
  • I.T. industry: Again, it’s tough to find good contact information. Perfect example: We have a new Asus PC based on Xandros and I have no idea how to contact them. HP, Dell, Ricoh, the list goes on and on. If you represent a business and want to learn more about KDE and our plans, you guessed it, just contact us. That reminds me: Trolltech has an office in Redwood City, CA and I haven’t contacted them yet.
  • KDE sponsors: I’ve tried to list and contact organizations that have sponsored KDE or KDE events in the past (from AaKkademy to developer sprints to meeting happy hours). If I haven’t contacted your organization, it’s not for lack of trying. Please contact us if you or someone from your organization can make it.
  • KDE-centric distros: Of course you’re invited. There was some overlap with working group members and N.A. community members. Bottom line: if you use KDE or want to figure out how to start using KDE in your distro, let’s be sure to meet and spend time at the event. “Distro relations” are paramount and something we can always improve on. We can’t bank on having core KDE devs deeply involved with distros everywhere. (although would be nice!) Invitations have not fully been sent out to this group. I can think of a couple clear KDE distros I haven’t emailed. My apologies. You can yell at me and/or taunt me either in person at the event or via email as you tell me you’re coming.
  • Free groups: I fell short of inviting software libre groups or digital rights groups or fair use groups. I’ll be the first to admit it. But “hate the player, don’t hate the game!” I should be punished for using that phrase. The point being: it was an inability of mine to unearth all the groups that should rightfully be invited. So send us an email and get down there.
  • Long time KDE contributors: Based on the short criteria I gave above, there are plenty of people inextricably bound to the past, present and future of KDE – but didn’t get an invitation already. I can think of a dozen people around the world where it’d be a crime if they weren’t at such an event. It’s interesting how when you contact KDE-friendly businesses, distros, sponsors and working groups….some glaringly apparent names are still missing. If you’ve been grumbling because the “sheer audacity of Troy and Wade not to send you an invitation given the lines of code and patches done over the year”, my sincerest apologies. That’s why I’m writing this paragraph. It’s also possible that your coworker got an invite for your group and didn’t mention it specifically to you yet. That jerk.
  • Enthusiasts: You’re the reason we exist. If you’ve got a gear tattoo or named your kid Kevin Daniel Erickson even though your last name is Smith, come on down.

Forthcoming information: As soon as work slows down and I stop making creepy infant halloween photos, we’ll make more details available. In the interim, we have the creative talents of Cornelius and others working on some site content. (I wonder if he burned any free SUSE hours coming up with these designs?)

Other regional events: Remember, the Release Event does not have to be the only release event. We actively encourage other regional meetings or parties. More information on streaming video will be forthcoming. Maybe you want to time a party to watch our keynote speech with your friends. Or maybe you’d prefer to pick another date. By all means, get together and celebrate.

Contest reminder: You have until midnight on October 21, 2007 to send your answer to “Why should you be at the KDE 4.0 Release Event?” to release-event[at]kde.org. The winner will be announced on October 29, 2007. We’ve received some great and insightful entries already.


3 Responses to “Q: What are you doing exactly 3 months from today?”

  1. Uwe Thiem Says:

    Hi Wade,

    I am one of those KDE oldies. Joined the project beginn of 1997 when it was still in its infant stage.I am not doing much for KDE these days other than using and promoting it (am still the press contact for Africa).

    Thanks for thinking of us “oldies”. While I would love to attend the release event, I rather stay home and let the youngsters, that actually do the work these days, take up the available seating and accommodation.

    Have fun, folks!


  2. Matt Smith Says:

    Is that midnight at the beginning of the 21st, or at the end?

  3. wadejolson Says:

    The end. You have the full day of October 21st until midnight. Did we say time zone? Greenwich.

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