Boo! Does KDE scare you?

October 16, 2007

I had a software release until 4 in the morning. Which means I’m a bit more delusional than usual. And in a twisted mood. In my last blog entry, I posted another image about what KDE might mean to you, along with a parody image distinctly to get Ade to spray coffee/beer/both on his monitor. The best part – there’s always the worry that I would get overwhelming feedback in my blog “Wade, your first images really sucked…but that one with the accessors and mutators…you’re finally getting you head out of your arse…that was awesome!” followed by people doing air guitar to show how much they loved that photo.

Before falling asleep, I’m not yet interested in using my mind for anything worthwhile. So let’s keep the oddity freight train rolling, and do an image for Halloween. This image should lock any open source award for worst marketing effort of 2007. Since KDE didn’t hire me, they can’t fire me.


Let’s see anyone write positively about this. The Gearheads are going to have nightmares tonight. I’m creeped out and I made the damn image myself. Wait, are those police sirens in my driveway?

I promise to get back to more sensible images after some rest.


13 Responses to “Boo! Does KDE scare you?”

  1. Seb Ruiz Says:

    Haha, this is one of the best yet. I love the humour.

  2. You managed to make me laugh this morning, so… i am afraid there is nothing for but to do the following: You win one (1) internets! πŸ˜‰

  3. poz Says:

    well, interesting πŸ™‚ is it possible to get your images in higher resolutions to use as desktop wallpapers?

  4. Chani Says:

    oh god… I’m laughing so hard I’ve got tears in my eyes. that is incredibly, incredibly disturbing. get some goddamn sleep! πŸ™‚

  5. Diederik Says:

    Halloween..? oh now I get it whaahaha.. :-p

    Perhaps a pumpkin makes the reference complete, so the context is not lost when posting it elsewhere. I can hear the trolls coming… πŸ˜‰

  6. Daniel Says:

    Write positive about it? Sure.

    If we accept the premise that sex sells product, then,

    We can see that there is a naked, adult, well formed doll lying down on the left hand side,

    And therefore this image sells KDE. Great job.

  7. Diederik Says:

    hmm.. how about having all other dolls broken, and only have the one “terrow doll” in front to suggest you should really by using KDE..? πŸ˜›

  8. Pedro Carvalho Says:


    πŸ˜€ you r the best! ( i just don’t know in what…)

  9. timrs Says:

    You need sleep. Seriously. Is there a reason the one boy doll has a ton of naked girl dolls behind him?

  10. little d Says:

    @timrs, yeah cuz he be pimp’n, dawg.


  11. I wonder how you take those pics so professionally….

  12. Louis Says:

    I wonder why he’s playing with dolls. Now, I’m sure you’ll give us some excuse, like they’re your sister’s or daughter’s or something…

  13. […] last weekend in September, stores were already starting to put out Christmas displays. So, being Halloween today, does that mean that I should be covering um….Valentine’s Day? Similar to the […]

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