What does KDE mean to you?

October 14, 2007

In my ongoing series of asking people to reflect on “what does KDE mean to you?”… taking the standard question of “What does KDE stand for?”asked by people curious about the acronym and twisting it around to make it hopefully a more interesting answer and a bit more introspective.

I was discussing AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming) with my team a while back. Spring AOP to be specific. Comparing it to standard OOP and discussing how to implement using agile development or XP. The buzzword siren started going off and we had to get hosed down in the Managerial Decontamination Stall and were quarantined for risk of infecting others with dangerous levels of tech nonsense. Any time I discuss technology I first always wonder about what problem it’s solving. For example: in the case of J2EE, it solved selling larger servers, expensive application servers, and global consulting services to implement over-engineered and architected platforms.

So to apply these buzzwords, and questions about what KDE’s goal, I ended up with:


Now, I think it’s a good looking imagine and gets the point across pretty well. My only problems:

  1. It’s too cutesy.
  2. How many people are going to get the pun. And of those who do, who will actually think it’s clever? (rhetorical, I know)
  3. It fails the ATT pretty badly. The Adriaan Trauma Test.

I put on a a pair of wire rimmed glasses, armed myself with a Canuxidutch accent, and set a photo a Sebas next to me on the desk (since they’re never separated). Yes, yes this image above fails the ATT. So what to do? Fight fire with more fire. If the deficiencies are a suspicious image and a tagline that may be too technical, let’s turn the amp up “to 11” for Ade:


It’s all about turning passive community members into participants. Get it?!? And it’s brutal – I literally can’t stop giggling at it and thinking of Ade’s reaction.. If this doesn’t have Ade looking like he just bit into a big lemon, I’ve failed twice in this blog. Cheer up Ade!


11 Responses to “What does KDE mean to you?”

  1. nixternal Says:

    Hey Wade, you may have answered this a million times before, so hopefully I can get a million and one out of you. Just how are you creating these wonderful images? Seriously, they are amazing. I like the “People Oriented Programming” line, that is pretty slick. And yes, the 2nd one is quite amusing as well, I got a giggle with it for sure.

  2. bluestorm Says:

    I don’t like the first one so much for two reasons :
    – peoples staying hand in hand may remind peoples the Ubuntu logo (of course they were not the first to do it, and your background is not orange/brown, but…)
    – I think the models are ugly. I like the pawns of the other images better (but of course, they lack hands)

    Generally i think the pawn abstraction is very good, and maybe even better at saying “we are open to differencies” than the pawns showing men/women from every continent each time. Blue pawns are nice, and you will never get a “hey, you forgot to show a asian women pawn” remark.

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  4. Baumranger Says:


    these are great pictures. But I think that the first is a little to childish. The second picture is awesome.

    Concerning the statements I think that the first one is quite good but maybe the word “programming” should be changed into something else because it sounds to technical and scares probably many people. But “people oriented” is great.

    The second statement may be a little funny (it sort of is 🙂 ) but it makes actually no sens.
    And another question is: “who likes to become a mutant?”

    But after all, great work. I like it.

  5. Anon. Says:

    The best (worst?) I can come up with is: “KDE is in a class of it’s own.”

    Perhaps with the subtext: “… but you can mock the user interface of other desktop environments.”

    Woohoo! Treble pun on mock!

    I’ll get my coat…

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  8. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  9. Archie Says:

    Is the “cutesy” one available in higher resolutions that fit as desktop backgrounds? 1600×1200 would be nice…

  10. Arup Says:

    After 1998 with SUSE 8.0, I switched over to Gnome with Ubuntu but last month, Pulse audio made me give up Gnome Ubuntu and switch to Kubuntu and I am now permanently hooked back to KDE forever.

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