The Gearheads #8

September 30, 2007

The Gearheads #8

Of course this is revisionist history.  But GUADEC is an acronym, so I was innocently wondering what AaKkdemy might stand for.  With the recent announcement of the AaKkdemy location for 2008, what does AaKkdemy mean to you?


7 Responses to “The Gearheads #8”

  1. It means I will be able to visit this year 🙂 (and help with preparations and on the event itself)

  2. wadejolson Says:

    Great to hear. I should be there as well – hopefully we meet up.

  3. Akademy we meet hand have a few beers 🙂

  4. ruurd Says:

    Ah! Let quit the {aK|Ak}edemy discussion and use AKADEMY.

  5. Bram Schoenmakers Says:

    “Who cares?”

    Well said.

  6. Olaf Says:

    aKademy stands for “a KDE Akademy”, with the last word standing for “A KDE aKademy”

  7. Jeff Goldschrafe Says:

    Thank God for Adblock so I don’t have to see these things anymore

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