The Gearheads #7

September 27, 2007

The Gearheads #7


8 Responses to “The Gearheads #7”

  1. Heine Says:

    hihi, finally, a funny gearhead 🙂
    Loved it.

    but then I have a personal grudge and crusade against the comic sans ms font…it’s everywhere. Aaahh!

  2. kollum Says:

    as geeky as usual.

    I can take my time, trying to gess the fall, but I never find it.

    And it show the progress of KOffice at the same time doesn’t it ? (I mean, now, KOffice seems to realy render fonts better than in 1.x, or is it done with something else ? )

  3. ben Says:

    And you’re not alone, Heine 🙂

    A nice one, wade! thanks!

  4. matt Says:

    you know, if i got made redundant tomorrow, i’d actually enjoy the experience if they used comic sans in the email.

    it’s just so wacky!

  5. hheheheh
    But liberation sans is good. Maybe Red Hat wants do liberatedcomics ;). That i woud find funy

  6. bob Says:

    Seriously, unless you’re a professional comedian, don’t give up the day job.

  7. Chani Says:

    well, *I* thought it was funny. a comic doesn’t have to be constantly hilarious to be worth reading.
    …yes, I read far too many comics.

  8. wadejolson Says:

    Thanks Chani. I welcome Bob and others that rip on the Gearheads to be a ghost writer for an episode.

    I love negative feedback – it makes me laugh. I do wish it’d be more original though. So channel the creativity and send me some ideas.

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