People are gasping for Oxygen

September 12, 2007

Let the bad puns begin! A few notes about how one of our Pillars of KDE is turning people into Gearhead converts:

1) I’ve already given Nuno some personal feedback on these images, but now that every meal he eats seems to be covered on Digg…I’m really a big fan of his recent work as shown in this working directory (listed on his blog). I’m just another person with another opinion, but to be fair, I’ve heard rumors that my opinion is worth 7-8 opinions of the commoners. So it’s more like a small group consensus. A small good looking popular group consensus (like a party of Zacks in a smallish London flat). We’ve got some subtle gradients, some nice shadows, some sexy drop-down menus, it’s thoughtful already – especially for a proof of concept. Let’s assume the drop-down has some fun japanimations or effects. Let’s see how it evolves.  I’m curious if the green progress bar might pulse or slide or spiral or glow, these are the things that keep me up at night.

Nuno scroll

2) Speaking of opinions, the recent forum entries on “All Things Oxygen” is why it’s best to leave the decision making to the experts (aka the artists). It’s either too much like Apple or not enough or too much like Vista or too drab or too vibrant or not photorealistic enough or not enough like Clear Looks or doesn’t smell like strawberries. At least the deafening volume of commentary shows the passion and anticipation.

3) I’m also interested (like many I’m sure) in the results of their wallpaper contest. I have larger monitors so I’m glad they asked for submissions bigger than 640X480. 1900 entries in the contest according to kwwii’s blog? There can’t be more than two or three hundred lolcat entries from Daniel Duley, can there? I’m also glad they’re asking for SVG wallpapers. I never really feel like we have enough of those. IIRC I was involved with Ye Ole 3.4 SVG wallpaper contest and really, really enjoyed the winning results. I still use this one from time to time:


4) Where’s Ruphy? I hope poor Davigno found his sidekick.  It tells you how close the communities are when after a week or two it’s time to file a Missing Persons Report and start laying on the guilt.

5) I’ve seen adapations on Oxygen work for both KDE 3.5 as well as gnome on various sites.  I appreciate people’s enthusiasm but I’m curious on the opinions of the Oxygen team.  I think I know, and the fact that they’ve just remained silent says more than enough to me.  Respect their work and don’t steal their thunder.

6) I haven’t heard about usability thoughts on the recent widgets and window decoration proposals.  Any feedback?

22 Responses to “People are gasping for Oxygen”

  1. Kevin Howard Says:

    Hi Wade. I think Nuno & the oxygen team are artistic geniuses, but I was wondering if you could use your 7x persuading power to change the default gradient color from gray to light blue? I’m sure they’re working the whole time and cooking up a storm, but it would be good to move away from the gray and have some more blue in our lives. After all, isn’t blue the colour the KDE logo?

  2. Hey 🙂 Thanks a lot on your input. Its great.
    The wallpapers we narrowed it down to 16 Riccardo (yes we have our boy back), is now mailing the winners in order to get everything clear, we must be extra sure on the license sizes and so on, without any doubt kde 4 will have the best set of wallpapers ever ,and quite possibly the best in the marquees, (yes that good).
    The theme and panel and usability options, well lots of input so far is incredible how much this sturns people and the community, most input so far is incredibly positive so i think i will continue to sturn things up with more “pretty pictures”.
    The rip offs well we cant do much about it in the older days we mailed the people that did such things and they drooped it “only for kde 4” used to work but seems some really want it out… We cant be to mad about it as some of this people are fans of the oxygen work.
    As for opinions we like to get them well do tell them all al the time i don’t like repeating myself, one of the main reasons for may latest blog entries was just that showing some stuff that clearly pointed were we are going and what needs to be done, so i get more usable feedback and possibly one or 2 more developers into oxygen ;).

    Thanks alot for the positive you kind words Oxygen apreciates them.

  3. fish Says:

    “Respect their work and don’t steal their thunder.”

    What a stupid statement.

    Oxygen icon theme is dual licensed. You may copy it under the Creative Common Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License or the GNU Library General Public License.

    So what exactly is your problem?

  4. Nick Says:

    Thanks for sharing more of the new artwork, it is absolutely stunning!

    I don’t think people copying the theme will be a problem since it is an integral part of the KDE Desktop as a whole and without running KDE they will never get the full experience.

  5. Philip Scott Says:

    It’s just a bit rude, that is all. Not illegal, not wrong, just rude.

  6. Its a marqueting problem, we would like to keep it fresh for kde 4

  7. fish Says:

    Lol, then you should haven chosen another license.

  8. We cant couse its already in kde Svn must be well licenced…As i said it not a proble of beeing able to do it or not! ofcourse you can.
    Its a mater of doing what is beter for KDE. and politeness i gess, wen we ask to remove that content we explain all those issuestil now people fully understod. The personal hype one might get for doing that is on a second level wen compared to the love for KDE. But some people dont think so.

    Hey i can understand wanting to do it i would 2. 🙂 but please dont do it for KDE sake.

  9. Diederik Says:

    > Lol, then you should haven chosen another license.

    Meaning you can doesn’t mean you should.
    I hope people don’t need such strict boundaries to behave themselves.

    I can discuss that philosophically in lengths here, but I think you’re smart enough to figure some reasons for the request out too! 🙂

  10. Very nice post Wade, the expectations and opinions around Oxygen are huge and I feel we are moving toward the right direction. Viva Oxygen! Viva KDE!

  11. vexorian Says:

    I don’t love the glass like parts in the bottom thing and the square window above it.

    – They are very big
    – They don’t really go well with the otherwise bad parts.
    – It looks like it was added just because window transparency was mandatory…

  12. Temet Says:


    I’m very happy that the development of my favorite DE is open like this to the community.
    A big thank to all dev for their amazing work and showing us the progression.
    But (yes, there is always a “but”), I think some comments should also be taken into account. I’m thinking now to the size of the borders. A lot of people complained, finding it too large. It’s not just one or two persons. So, I think it may be good to offer the possibility to reduce them.
    I agree some comments are a bit rude, especially when I think of all the work you (devs) do, but sometimes it’s good to listen to some 😉

    Thanks again for your works!

  13. there seems to be some confusion.
    What you gus see in the screnshots are plasmoids not windows….
    And they are not that big in real plasmoids they are 9 pixls.
    Also in the pannel wen a app is maximised it should go down to 1.

  14. Filip Says:

    “I think it may be good to offer the possibility…”

    Don’t worry, kde has always been about this very statement. That why you liked it in the first place, remember?


  15. Vermyndax Says:

    I’m disenchanted that KDE has chosen to model its desktop stylings after Vista. I certainly was hoping for some more originality.

  16. Vista? Cmon apart from the fact that desktop widgets are black i dont see no Vista.
    The window style has nothing to do with Vista, a bit Mac i might agrea but Vista???
    As a mater of fact i must have not spent more than 10 minutes using Vista so far.
    But Vermyndax if yu can be so kind to explain me were did We styleed it after Vista?

  17. Mosfet Says:

    lulz >:)

    I seriously do like those clear frames, tho 🙂 Gotta start using something like that.

  18. […] Wade Olson said: It’s either too much like Apple or not enough or too much like Vista or too drab or too vibrant […]

  19. Vermyndax Says:


    – The black toolbar
    – The transparent, rounded edges around the windows on the bottom
    – The grass background

    It completely strikes me as Vista with Aero enabled.

    I can understand the need to make a transition easy for existing Windows users, but this borders on out-and-out imitation.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m still very excited about the work KDE is doing… but just pointing out that this is very, very Vista-like and KDE should be prepared for that criticism.

  20. vexorian Says:

    I got a correction to make, when I said “bad” I meant black.

    If they are plasmoids I really hope that’s not the default, the black things don’t go well at all with that huge glass thing.

  21. Chani Says:

    I have this hilarious image in my mind of the green scrollbars creeping along like caterpillars. 😀

  22. hehhehe well in the end they will be the same color has the base of the wallpaper.
    So its possible you might have blue caterpillars 🙂

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