September 5, 2007

After being quiet on driver progress and bullied for it, two interesting news clips surface today:

Details are still emerging, but any news is welcome to someone who has a Thinkpad T60 with an ATI Mobility X1300.


2 Responses to “AMD/ATI/WTF”

  1. Gábor Lehel Says:

    I’m curious if the new driver shares code with the Windows version, or if it is merely a new, separate Linux codebase which yet doesn’t suck. Either way, huge news. Shitty drivers for half the higher performance video cards out there was on the short list of things really holding Linux back. Opening specs is gravy.

  2. Jeffro Says:

    hey, I use that laptop, too!

    Good news, definitely. Hopefully it will actually pan out. It wasn’t until about January of this year that I got NTSC video to play full-screen on a non-source based system, and, well, graphics performance hasn’t really gone up since then. Kinda sad when the Geforce 4 MX in my tower spanks the X1300 in my laptop.

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