The Gearheads #6

August 17, 2007

The Gearheads #6

Good news: There’s a new Gearheads cartoon.

Better news: It wasn’t written by me! You get to suffer from someone else’s humor. Can you guess the author?

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be the voice of the Gearheads, let me know.


10 Responses to “The Gearheads #6”

  1. Eduardo Sampaio Says:

    The post title is listing #5 but the strip is the number 6 in the series =P
    BTW congrats on the Gearheads hehe


    Eduardo Sampaio

  2. Eduardo Sampaio Says:

    Oops, hahaha you already fixed…

  3. wadejolson Says:

    Yes, Auto-complete did me in.

    Never forget: Wade is an idiot.

  4. Kigrwik Says:

    LOL ! 🙂

    OK, a geek’s answer to Kyle: I believe it might be doable with an autostart script that checks the date and does some dcop (now dbus) call.

    … browses through “dcop kicker”…

    Hmm, nope, I don’t see any dcop call to enable transparency. Perhaps by having two config files and loading one or the other ?

    All right, here’s a challenge for the KDE hackers: what would be the nicest way to implement this “feature” ? (preferably on KDE 3.5, that’s what I have handy).

    “…it’s not insane” , well, let’s see !



  5. Sho Says:

    Easy: A cronjob that modifies Kicker’s config file using kwriteconfig and then restarts it via DCOP. 😉

  6. Vexorian Says:

    yep, there should be a command line to change taskbar transparency, without it KDE is not totally configurable 🙂

  7. Level 1 Says:

    Is anyone else getting major cuttoffage on that image? I have a 1920×1200 screen, and it was expensive. Why do all web 2.0 sites, especially blogs, insist on only using the middle 300 pixels?

    BTW, with computers there is always a way to make the panel transparent on fridays.

  8. John Tapsell Says:

    echo dcop kicker kicker-mainwindow#1 setWindowOpacity 0 | at 1am friday

    I win!

    And please, no “you idiot” name calling. It’s not an idiot request. Such things should always be possible in linux.

  9. John Tapsell Says:

    Level1, yeah, the page itself is taking up 5% of my screen, with huge grey borders on other side.

  10. Chani Says:

    yeah, the page width is bugging me too. on the other hand, sites that have horizontal scrollbars are also evil – I have a very small screen, and viewing stuff from akregator makes the browser kpart even smaller. but at least a scrollbar still lets me see the whole page.

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