KDE and community

August 12, 2007

Another image in my series on pondering the question “What does KDE mean to you?”  I’m not sold on the exact wording yet.  Thanks for all the suggestions so far; I’ll be updating my previous image based on feedback.

The original image size is huge on this photo…I could drape the Empire State Building with a banner down the side with this resolution for the 4.0 release.  The visual perspective on this photo is just great IMO.  I’m trying to convey that choosing KDE on technical merit alone is easy enough; but you get an automatic GetHotNewStuff install of friends, communities and a new family.  The individual here in the image may not have any other KDE users on their block just yet, but they’ve just realized the unexpected benefit of a welcoming group with open arms.  Can a welcome wagon or bake sale be that far off?

KDE friends

Another Gearheads episode and photo next week.  I think you’ll enjoy the next one.  I’ve also already made one that’s actually a parody/satire of my own work.


7 Responses to “KDE and community”

  1. Nice, best one yet 😀

    Keep it up, you / KDE should make them into posters for the Linux conferences/etc.


  2. Personaly, I thinks its great
    Visual and content are perfect.
    Provided you have the article to back up the question its valuable stuf. Cuz i gess you can anser that it is a simple smart software choice, but you also can count on cumunity to develop it and improve it….

    great stuf.

  3. Thomas Zander Says:

    Tip; flip the image.

    In left-to-right reading countries items moving from left to right is forward, so if you have the red ‘man’ approach the group from the left he walks towards the group while now he walks away from the group.

    On the wording; I’m not sure “new” is approriate, sounds like you have to abandon your current friends…

  4. John Tapsell Says:

    I really like these posters 🙂

    This one looks darker than the others though. In the others, the pieces were much more vivid and playful. This looks more serious. Maybe there’s less lighting or something?

    Keep up the great work 🙂

  5. […] KDE and community Another image in my series on pondering the question “What does KDE mean to you?”  I’m not sold on […] […]

  6. S. Says:

    Hey there,

    Mind, I am not a specialist, but in communication and advertising, aren’t the advertiser and the target always perceived by the target as two separate entities? I’m asking because, I fear the slogan “KDE is ours”, with ours referring to the advertiser, may come across as “KDE is not yours”, which is very much not what we mean to say.

    Perhaps “KDE is yours” or “KDE is yours too” or “KDE is us” or something might work better on that hard-to-capture hypothalamic communication level?

    (Mind, I hope I’m not talking out of my ass here — I love the posters! It’s only the slogan that gives me pause.)

  7. Sami Järvinen Says:

    I agree that there is a “left-to-right” reading problem with the image. You should flip the image, because the group looks intimidating like they are against the lone person.

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