Commit Digest observations

July 17, 2007

My weekly drug delivery arrived this morning; although I nearly had a heart attack when the link didn’t work for me for a couple of hours.  What a tease!  Later, when order was restored and sanity prevailed, I was able to calm myself and read the commit digest in all its glory.  Every week brings something different.  And after everyone returned from aAkKademy and presumably recovered, what about this week?

Well apart from the fact that my weekly text search for the string ‘nipple’ finally yielded results, I noticed two particular things:

  1. There’s a lot of names I didn’t recognize that are SoC students who are starting to hit their coding stride.  That’s Good News ™.   KDE has a good track record with SoC results, so keep it up.  Of course, when mental road blocks or procrastination sets in, would it be too much to blog during downtime?  No, it wouldn’t.  So I’ll look forward to more entries TIA! (an acronym likely to get me punched)
  2. There’s a lot of names I didn’t recognize that aren’t SoC students.  It goes without saying that KDE’s continued growth relies on new talent and the ease of initial participation (documentation, clear libs, etc).  So this is great to see.  Of course, there’s always a slight chance that no one is new and I never noticed because I’m too busy looking for new Oxygen icons in the digest.

On a completely unrelated note: Those who know me or have had a beer with me and don’t know me have likely been dragged into the following debate: If you and your gun-toting pack of renegades enter a dimly lit bar full of supermodels and villains, what song starts to play the instant you kick in the door?  Name of the Game by Crystal Method, Welcome to the Jungle by GNR and Thunderstruck by ACDC starts the debate. Sabotage by the Beastie Boys you offer?  Fair enough.  Enter Sandman by Metallica?  Ok, I’m listening.  (Note: This all started after my friends and I happened to walk into a quiet bar at the very moment the bartender started up the stereo and played the first song of the night, Bad to the Bone, just as we walk in.  Everyone almost spit out their drinks and cowered in fear.  I feel you need to know these things). This discussion is entirely different and unique from best strip club songs.  Anyhow, the point being: I’m now going to enter my office every morning the same way as 3:20 into this video.  Yes, every morning.  And my employees/coworkers had better react the same way as the crowd or update their resumes.  Apologies to our own kilt-wearing contributors.


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