SpreadKDE went out for groceries; finally came back

July 16, 2007

As aacid wrote in his blog several week ago, SpreadKDE is back up and running, and better than ever. Moving from Drupal 4.X to 5.X, revamping the look and feel to be consistent with other sites, and issues with the domain registration; there were plenty of obstacles and roadblocks. But thanks to the persistence (and I don’t mean in the java bean sense, hell, maybe I do) of the promo group, everything is coming together nicely.

SpreadKDE sample

In particular, I’d like to thank Imagine and Luke for spearheading the redesign effort. The fundamental changes to SKO led to discussions reaffirming how we want to use this site, and they endured bikeshedding at unprecedented and dare I say dangerous levels (unless you have built a high tolerance from other certain mailing lists). Also, thanks to Sebas for busting skulls with domain owners (living up to his board platform of “kicking people’s asses”). And last but not least, our hosts at the OSU Open Source Lab.

But what good is a collaborative site if no one collaborates? Now we need content. So sign up with an account at our new URL http://spread.kde.org/ if you don’t already have one, and get involved. Drupal, PHP, event planning, writing, juggling (either tasks or chainsaws) – Just Do It. Hey, that’s pretty catchy..no wondering I’m in marketing!


2 Responses to “SpreadKDE went out for groceries; finally came back”

  1. Hi, Wade,

    I have lots of experience in creating Drupal sites (using contrib modules, and themeing, but not custom-coding). How can I help?

  2. wadejolson Says:

    Hi Benjamin, you can either just email me or better yet, join the kde-promo mailing list and get in touch with the guys who led the conversion.

    Thanks for the offer!

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