Allow me to fontificate

July 10, 2007

I am but simple cave man lawyer ™, so there are many things in the modern world that both frighten and confuse me:  The popularity of Everybody Loves Raymond, the war in Iraq and why people wear belts and suspenders at the same time.

Add to that list the concept of fonts.  Although a short explanation of rendering and hinting prompted a coworker to remark, “Wow, how do you know so much about computers?”; if you knew the situation you’d understand the comedy there.  What I know can be summarized as “A lot of bright people have done a lot of tough work with a lot of complex concepts and the result doesn’t always look so hot.”  So when I read this article, I of course can’t keep up.  But my untrained eye knows what it likes, and it likes the results at the bottom of the page.  Does the solution seem like a bit of a hack?  Yeah, but it looks purdy.


One Response to “Allow me to fontificate”

  1. superstoned Says:

    Yeah, I read it too, looks interesting. I hope it’ll be coded by someone 😉

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