Quick hits

July 9, 2007

  • My triathlon training is like a rollercoaster.  Some days are great and others are brutal.  My body is starting to fall apart; this week it’s my shoulder and heel that are bothering me.  Less than 3 weeks until my first tri of the season and if anyone knows than magic secret to training harder and getting healthier at the same time, let me know.
  • Northwest airlines can sabotage my weekend even when I’m not flying.  Our very own Troy Unrau had a layover in MSP for 4 hours this weekend, and we were going to meet for the first time and discuss what I missed at aAkKademy (covering all options).  Northwest had other plans of course with their standard on-time arrival rating that is Second to All ™.  Of course we never met up.  Quick story: I was returning a rental car for a 4pm flight in Kansas City back to Minneapolis.  I pull up at about 4:05.  The rental agency asks what time my flight takes off, because a shuttle just took off and I’d have to wait a bit.  I reply calmly “5 minutes ago.”  What the attendant looked quizzically at me, I eased their concern: “Don’t worry, it’s Northwest.”  They concluded, “Oh, you should be fine then.”  And I was.
  • Several of my friends got the new iPhone.  From the short time I spent with it last weekend, I can dutifully applaud as an Apple shareholder.  I debated about waiting to get one on opening day and now using one has sealed the deal.  It’s so far above any other option in the U.S. it’s not even funny.  For a first effort, other vendors should really be embarrassed.  I wonder whether someone like OpenMoko or Trolltech might be well positioned here: you’re going to want fully open sdk’s and communities, because the closed interfaces of iPhone competitors have been bitch slapped back to the stone age.  I don’t care if I only have ogg files and don’t want to watch movies on it; the angel on my shoulder about pricing and DRM and vendor lock-in had a gimp-ball put in its mouth and ducktaped by the devil on my shoulder.  A simple man chooses desire over integrity again; a subsequent iPhone review on my part is inevitable.

4 Responses to “Quick hits”

  1. Troy Unrau Says:

    Curse you NorthWest! (and KLM too!) *shakes fist*

  2. Guybrush Threepwood Says:

    Does the iPhone revolutionize… phone calls? I don’t get it.
    I mean, modern phones just work for calling other people and even for surfing the web. How is the iPhone better?
    I’m not from the US, but I doubt that the other options are that bad as long as you can buy recent Nokia/Samsung/… GSM phones. There has also been a Wifi-enabled Nokia phone with the Opera browser for over a year.

  3. Niels Says:

    If your body is “falling apart”, you’re training too hard or too much. Don’t press your luck, serious injuries can easily pop up when you’re forcing your training. Never work the same muscles or joints on consecutive days, that’s my advice.

  4. Bille Says:

    My training tip: Sleep as much as you can, say for an hour at lunchtime.

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