Another virtual high-five for another Gearhead

June 26, 2007

The newest recipient of the VHF (Virtual High Five ™…not to be confused with UHF) is Jucato. Nice work!

Elsewhere, the statues of Easter Island are being mysteriously reworked:

Ode to a Gearhead?

I’ll know the term is here to stay when Zack does flash screencap of kung-fu stick figures. And they all have gears around their heads. In fact, I’m thinking cartoons and comics now. Can a stick-figure with a gear head be a flake shape we can drag and drop?


3 Responses to “Another virtual high-five for another Gearhead”

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  2. Stefan Nikolaus Says:

    There’s an X-ray picture of a Gearhead on

  3. Uhh……..It looks like a penis with balls if you look at the thumbnail but when it is big, you can see that it isn’t.

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