Quick PC-BSD note

June 20, 2007

Wait, how many Canuck divas do we have in KDE anyway? Aren’t we over our quota? Troy just wrote an article for ars technica about PC-BSD. This group is so hip (read as: they responded to our emails)  we actually interviewed them last fall. I just wanted to mention that they have a vmware image linked right on their website if you’d like to check out their 1.3 release. Maybe with this shameless plug they’ll release a new vmware image or two during our upcoming 4.0 RC’s to assist with testing. Not shameless enough?

PC-BSD vmware image

In fact, any distro kind enough to crank out vmware images and/or live CDs during our testing phase can expect similar high quality art and promotions.  It’s viral marketing at its best and/or laziest.  How do you know I’m good at marketing?  Look at that image again.  Yeah, that’s my blog site skillfully and craftily tucked away to the side.  Never even knew, did you?  Yet you suddenly had the urge to visit my site again.  Never saw someone do that before?  Because no one ever has.  Here come the copycats.


4 Responses to “Quick PC-BSD note”

  1. ANONYMOUS Says:

    You made me Lough Out Loud literally. Thats good, many people say “lol” in a day, but not many means it.

  2. wadejolson Says:

    Hey, thanks for the compliment. I was going for making you spray soda on your monitor, but what the hell. Timing is tough with blogs.

  3. Kevin Kofler Says:

    Fedora is going to make KDE live CDs available for the Fedora 8 test releases. Hopefully we can get the KDE 4 betas in in time for test1 as planned:

  4. Troy Unrau Says:

    You know, I wasn’t even aware of that article when I wrote my review 😛

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