Safari on Windows – First Impressions

June 12, 2007

As many may have already heard, at the Apple WWDC 2007 today, Safari for Windows was announced and can be downloaded here. The Steve Jobs Reality Distortion field gave me the following Safari hallucination:

How awesome is Safari?

I downloaded and installed the 8.0MB .exe file on Windows XP SP2 to check it out. A slide show of the installation steps, the browser itself and the preference panel can be found here.

Installation: The download executable was small.  Installation steps were fast and painless.  I’m not entirely sure of the consequences of installing/not installing Bonjour services, but whatever.

First impression: It does start up quickly.  The first things I noticed where the primary “Bug” icon for bug reporting and the fonts.  Browser fonts are certainly rendered/hinted differently than FF.  Pages are displayed at least as fast as FF on Windows.  Takes up about 46 MB of RAM for me for a fresh launch with one page.  Then the RAM allocation goes all over the place (down to 10 MB, up to 20, all with not changing the URL.  Merits a WTF).  Widgets and screens have animations.  The window decoration seems to be the updated one for 10.5; I only wish they’d drop the stupid jellybean motif on the widgets.

Conclusion: Seems like a good first effort.  Will people use it?  Maybe/maybe not apart from Mac lovers.  Would I prefer a Konqueror to use on Windows?  Yes.  Am I glad to have another browser that promotes web standards? Yes.  Do I have any clue how Webkit might be impacted and if KHTML devs are happy/peeved/indifferent to this announcement?  No clue.  None.




9 Responses to “Safari on Windows – First Impressions”

  1. apol Says:

    My first impression was: “Bah, for windows people…”.

    The second was “KDE (Konqueror) can do better”… 🙂

  2. Ian Monroe Says:

    Haha typical Apple “most innovative browser.” I’m pretty sure Opera invented most of the features we have around today. If Norway had patents, I bet they would be either making $$$ or spending all their time in the courts like SCO. So probably better that they don’t. 😉

  3. Christian Meyer Says:

    Did you also have the bug where Tags aren’t being rendered? Apart from that it’s a nice browser, I’ll probably be using it when I have to work with windows.
    Still prefer Konqueror though, too. 😀

  4. Thomas Muders Says:

    like the other poster maybe wanted to tell… if you look at speed, you have to compare it to Opera, not Firefox or IE. Compared to Opera the other 2 are a slow as molasse. Konqueror however is fast, so maybe Safari is not too bad… we’ll see, I’ll check this out 🙂 ‘Font rendering is different’… I hope they’ll use cleartype on Windows and not some self-written stuff as Cleartype is really good.

  5. Fred Says:

    One of the biggest IT new sites published a “first impression” as well and it paints a sad image as well. From non-working things (help, about dialog, bookmarks, bold and italic fonts are not shown at all in non-english languages, …) to serious security issues (run any command on the system with some iframe fun, several crashing issues with fuzzying tools). (german)

    The conclusion was like “Beta Software? It’s at most an Alpha for a small group of testers.”


  6. Francesco Says:

    I don’t know if you followed or have viewed the whole keynote by Jobs, but as far as to “Who would use it” it was pretty scary when they came up with the “we have iTunes and will use it to reach Windows users”. So who knows, at least they DO have some way of reaching Windows users. Let’s see. I like it well enough for Windows, I must say. Though it won’t replace Firefox with its extensions, probably. At least not on my system…

  7. morphir Says:

    He forgot to mention that it’s also 1.6 times less web standard compatible. Ever made your js compatible with safari?

    It has 1.6 times (x 1000) less plugins that firefox, like firebug (which I as a webdeveloper can not live without).

    It’s 1.6 times more closed source than firefox. *sighs* …Steve: you need to update your pretty slideshow.

    Still. I’m glad to see that safari is being released for windoze at last, and makes the life for us web devs a little easier….or was that harder…I tend to forget.

  8. […] Safari on Windows – First Impressions As many may have already heard, at the Apple WWDC 2007 today, Safari for Windows was announced and can be downloaded […] […]

  9. As someone who only uses KDE (which include the Konqueror) on his primary desktop, my first thought when I read the news on my mobile phone was ‘uh, I’m gonna tell my Windows-users friends so they can try it for replacing Firefox’.

    Not that Firefox isn’t great, but Konqueror is amazing and so Safari should be at least great 🙂

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