Back to life, back to reality

June 6, 2007

Just completed a massive software migration at work on Friday. You know the standard release scenario: The slowly escalating hours, the slowly escalating stress. Until you inevitably reach crisis mode. The release itself took me 25 hours. Started on Thursday at 8pm – finished Friday at 9pm. Oh, I mentioned I worked all day on Thursday until it started at 8pm, right?

A 25-hour release just doesn’t make sense to the technical brain. FTPing or RCPing files takes 30 seconds, right? Restarting servers takes 30 seconds, right? In total I was up for about 42 hours straight. Awesome if the story involved doing body shots with supermodels in Mallorca, not so awesome when it involves things like figuring out what the team in South Carolina is talking about with “whitespace in their web service URLs”. Or why the team’s hibernate mappings suddenly don’t match the LA group’s db schema. Or, or, or… Wade’s Law: “As a meeting continues without sleep, the chance that one group says something intelligible and another group understands that statement cannot start above 50% and further approaches zero.”

So after naps and “Best Practices” meetings and more naps and “Lessons Learned” conferences…I’m feeling normal and rested again. What day is it?


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