A serious blog entry

May 22, 2007

On Thursday and Friday, I took the first two vacation days from work since November. How did I use them? At Hazelden, where I spent four days in total with a family member who’s working on addiction. Not my first choice for a vacation spot and not the best timing in life, but I wouldn’t miss this for the world. The U.S. may have a health care system that is Second to All ™, but in Minnesota we’re blessed with both Hazelden and the Mayo Clinic, two truly world renowned health centers.

You know what sucks? Having to confront someone you love. The only thing worse? Sitting idly by and doing nothing. I went through the Family Program and don’t regret an instant. Openly and honestly looking at yourself and your family is brutally exhausting. I have to confess it was nice going back to work and the mundane this morning; the fact that our entire SAN went down and cratered all non-production database files…seems so trivial in comparison.


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