Patently Absurd

May 14, 2007

Microsoft, still giddy from their resounding victory with SCO against IBM (sarcasm alert) sings the children’s rhyme, “Same song, second verse; way more patents, whole lot worse!”

I just had the pleasure of reading this article on CNN Money. They aren’t really that stupid are they? Is this just pandering for stockholders? Talking tough? At best, it’s MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) where every side just depletes their fiscal war chests and the lawyers walk away the winners (same as any large court case). Microsoft going after patents with IBM, Sony and Apple in the mix is definitely bringing a knife to a gun fight. Carlos Mencia steals ideas less often than Microsoft. I at least applaud them: They’re on the slow and steady decline, and they can either burn out, or fade away. Maybe they’ll actually go down fighting? Maybe this act may expose the public to the lunacy that is the current patent situation and spur reform? (Dear God I’m not that naive, but what the hell)

Keep in mind, this announcement comes only three days after MS laments the cruel and unusual punishment over their Open XML specification adoption by IBM.

Darren Strange, senior product manager for Microsoft Office 2007, told ZDNet UK on Wednesday: “The difference in view is that [IBM] are espousing ‘one standard fits all’, which is hard for us.

Darren Strange indeed. Why can’t we all embrace multiple formats like Microsoft has historically done? Some questions weren’t meant to have answers. Vista, Zune, Open XML; it’s been quite a 2007 thusfar for the revamped juggernaught. (one final pun)


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