Digg Meltdown

May 2, 2007

Digg users to Wade: “We’ll see your NIN angst-ridden post, and raise you one Project Mayhem.” The heads of the Digg Community members collectively asploded when some posters were censored from listing the HD DVD keys to the kingdom. And by kingdom I mean the 13 movies currently available on HD DVD, with first-rate titles like Caddyshack VII: Gophermania (working title: The New Ballscrubber).

At one point, pages of articles being submitted with nothing but the HD DVD cypher/cipher/decryption key/call-it-what-you-will. The end result? A post by the founder finally siding with the community. Was he developing a backbone? Trying to do the right thing all along? Stopping the bleeding over a community revolt thinking “Jesus, I should have sold this site when I had the chance…I’d be drinking Pina Coladas with super models right now instead of watching my millions evaporate due to some random hex values” ? Likely a combination of all three.

I didn’t see any other sites so vehemently protesting censorship and their right to stubbornly post information they probably shouldn’t be. Does this event reinforce the oft-repeated cliche: information wants to be free? Does Digg prove itself to have a more juvenile fan base than most sites? Does it show their moderation system to be a double sided blade (powerful yet terrifying and deadly, like my fists)? Does a prolific community-driven site revolt make stuffed shirts rethink the over-hyped Web 2.0 paradigm in marketing to supposed sheople? Will Wade ever stop asking semi-rhetorical questions?


2 Responses to “Digg Meltdown”

  1. Ian Monroe Says:

    The idea of a number violating someone’s IP is just kind of hilarious. (I normally don’t use the term IP, but in this case I don’t really know if its a patent or a copyright or what.)

    The same thing happened with the DeCSS code and that was actual code. People made t-shirts, songs, everything. Folks are just looking forward to reliving those old glory days. 🙂

    ruby -e ‘puts “l96o54kfn6hz7pt164dqflj4”.to_i(36).to_s(16)’

  2. John Tapsell Says:

    It’s good to see people still care so strongly about things.

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