I heart NIN after all these years

May 1, 2007

Pretty Hate Machine came out 18 years ago.  Which makes me feel old, and at the same time makes me realize I’ve been listening to NIN longer than I haven’t been listening to NIN.

What’s better, the warning on their new CD or the actual message you get when you call 1-866-445-6580?

Throw in GarageBand downloads, PirateBay sanctioned mp3’s and record company battles…makes me want to move back into my parent’s basement in the suburbs, put on some eyeliner and get angry at the world…maybe take out my frustrations at the local mall Orange Julius.


2 Responses to “I heart NIN after all these years”

  1. kero Says:

    NIN rocks…mostly 😉

  2. Thomas Zander Says:

    got an ogg of the message you get when you call? (for those living outside the US)…

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