Kubuntu comes in clearly

April 23, 2007

For the first time in the long and storied history of Kubuntu (or at least the versions I’ve tried), my 24″ LCD panel was properly detected and given the right default resolution out of the box.  A big change from 6.10 which seemed to have embedded logic to actively keep me from getting 1920X1200 through any means possible.


3 Responses to “Kubuntu comes in clearly”

  1. kollum Says:

    Nice you where able to set your sreen resolution.

    I had a question about this web page display, as it seems that more and more pages have an “integrated” drag bar (look on the right of the window, there are 2 bars, the one of your browser, and the one of the frame)
    This is realy anoying, as the usual keybord hits won’t display more text, but show the bottom of the page whith nearly nothing.
    This note doesn’t apply to this blog post, as it was fully displayed on one screen, but I wondered if I was the only one fed up whith such design…

  2. ArTo Says:

    kollum: it’s a konqueror 3.5.6 bug and yes: it’s very annoying 😦

    I love kubuntu 7.04, it’s as fast as my other pc with gentoo 😀

  3. Abhay Kedia Says:

    You are not the only one. I have this double scroll-bar problem as well. It happens in konqueror but not in firefox. Weird?

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