$current_date + 0.5 years + you = KDE 4.0 + high fives – crazy expectations

April 23, 2007

What kind of math is that?  And would that line compile?  Some questions weren’t meant to have answers.

The current release date for KDE 4.0 is 10/23, a scant 6 months from today.  Have you done a mental check lately to see if you’re on track for your hopes and dreams and what you want to accomplish for the 4.0 release?  If not, fret not frauline, the “crazy expectations” part of the equation above handles this concern.  KDE 4.0 could whiten your teeth and advance stem cell research and still leave a significant part of the population disappointed (Slashdot user #345234: “This is total bull! KLawnMower isn’t ready yet?  My grass isn’t cutting itself!”)

Although it may seem otherwise, 6 months is just not a long period of time.  Based on the last 6 months, it certainly wasn’t enough time to get my desktop machine stable, become a millionaire, paint my garage, solve global economic inequalities or clean out my fridge.  Don’t overestimate 6 months.

For myself, I’m creating new cube art based on a standard web joke: “Every time you procrastinate, God kills a kitten.”  I need a big NASA digital clock counting down the time and a booming intercom voice announcing “T minus 6 months!”  What are you doing with the remaining 0.5 years?


2 Responses to “$current_date + 0.5 years + you = KDE 4.0 + high fives – crazy expectations”

  1. Vegan Voman Says:

    Haha, that was funny. So now I felt obligated to drop a comment, it’s somehow leaving a text naked after having read it. So therefore I’m commenting.

    Oh, BTW, I’m a KDE user (Kubuntu FF

  2. bartjeh Says:

    What i am going to do with the remaining 0.5 years?
    Sit and wait for kde4 ofcourse! And laughing about your funny blog.


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