April 12, 2007

Of course I’m talking about: Summer Of Code KDE Success. Why else would I yell SOCKS? That you know of.

40 projects…that’s fantastic. The best part of the acceptance project list: Ask 50 people what their favorite accepted project is, and you’ll get 50 different answers. I’m not sure how that math works out, but I assume you won’t be able to understand 10 of them. That’s what you get for asking people at a bar in Sri Lanka – you don’t even speak Tamil. You really do need to work on your poll taking skills.

Anyway, the point being – there’s once again a great variety in accepted projects, and once again something to interest everyone. Reading over the list this morning, I have pretty high hopes for the results. The list not only has some personally very interesting ideas, but seems to be well balanced by the selection committee.

  • Practicality/Development: KDevelop gets CMake, Code Complete, Kommander, Python and Ruby focus
  • The Usual Suspects: Amarok, KOffice, KDE PIM, Kopete all get projects
  • Display: xrandr and xinerama improvements
  • New to the party: Marble and KAider already get recognition
  • Usability: Glad to see projects on this topic including print dialogs, context sensitive help
  • Science: Kalzium, Strigi (biology/chemistry slant), and simulator ideas
  • Desktop connectivity/data retrieval: PMP, KitchenSync and Bluetooth help for desktop users
  • Network connectivity/data retrieval: Nepomuk, Strigi and KRDC love
  • Data formats: ODF, music notation, KWord collaborative editing, Kopete Jingle/MSNP15 and and Umbrello SQL generation

I haven’t even started reading over other interests like Drupal or Postgres. It’s like Christmas morning. Except I’m not in my pajamas, and I actually enjoy the presents. No socks. (socks..get it…I started the entry with that…that’s coming full circle)


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