KDE Promo IRC meeting – April 15 at 1700 GMT

April 11, 2007

If you’re already involved in the KDE promotional community, would like to get involved, or you’re just plain nosey: we welcome you to join us at 1700 GMT April 15th on IRC #kde-promo on irc.freenode.net.  Of course, you’ll also want to pay attention to details on our mailing list.

This meeting will be the first in a series; we’ll be meeting every second Sunday on IRC going forward.

What is this meeting?  An opportunity to organize, reconnect, get motivated and get some stuff done.  (Read as: A structured approach to preparing and marketing KDE 4.0 and beyond)

What isn’t this meeting? A place to throw out random unresearched opinions like “KDE would be more popular if we make the base colors pink and grey – we should promote that” or “We should sell KDE board member bobblehead dolls at our events” or “We should sell our own distro for money”.

The kde-promo mailing list is a great place to brain storm and think about such ideas together.  In the meetings, we’d like to avoid the free-for-all mentality and be a bit more focused.   Yours Truly will play the secretary role (no short skirts) and track agendas, meeting minutes and results.


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