Fighting the Good Fight ™

April 3, 2007

Thank goodness for my Thinkpad T60.

In December 2005 I ordered the parts for a new desktop to 1) replace my aging Athlon 2400+ setup and 2) take the business deductions during FY 2005.  Little did I know then I was actually beginning an expensive and time consuming journey known as “desktop hell” – a land where you will never for one second trust that your PC will not crash on you.  A world of constant back-ups to multiple external drives and a Ctrl-S nervous tick.  A lifestyle more expensive than owning race horses and more dangerous than training wild badgers.

I should have known then, when several WD Raptors arrived DOA that foreshadowing was rearing its ugly head.  The death count is staggering.  MBs, memory, CPUs, DVI cables, power strips/filters…I have two of everything like Noah’s Ark (not 7 for all you nitpickers – no PC component is “clean”) right now so that I can always test new components as they get shipped to my house (The Bermuda Triangle of PC Hardware).  Right now I’m battling with Corsair (6400 XMS2), Asus (P5b-E) and Intel (E6400) for replacement parts.

I’ve never had such a string of bad luck with computers.  From a karma perspective, I should fill my Lian Li case with cement and air drop it into the ocean.  Like a bad marriage, my friends are positively sick of discussing my PC situation.  They just quip “Dude, you’re getting a Dell” or “Aren’t you an Apple shareholder?” and walk away laughing.  Don’t ask me any introductory questions as “How can you be sure your wall outlet is delivering clean power?” or “Have you tried swapping out the lithium ion battery on the MB in addition to flashing the CMOS?” or “Did you ever run over a nun to deserve this?” unless you want to get drawn into a 37-page Visio flow chart of events and a 122-row matrix of hardware incompatibilities.  You have been warned.

Thank goodness for my Thinkpad T60.


2 Responses to “Fighting the Good Fight ™”

  1. RAhlskog Says:

    I can feel your pain. I owned a semi-cursed AthlonXP 3000+ setup between 31st Dec 2003 and last October. I exchanged motherboard, ram and cpu atleast once and I still had random segfaults and hardlocks. I couldn’t leave it on overnight and expect it to be alive the following morning.

    I could never have imagined during those years what a relif it finally was when I built this new A64-X2 system and got a rock solid machine. It is very nice to be able to leave everything in the middle and it will still be there when you come back. Not to mention its blindingly fast for a relatively budget setup.

  2. I know it sounds obvious but have you checked your PSU? If it’s outputting wildly silly voltages that may be damaging the components.

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