Quick Hits

March 20, 2007

Several years ago, we reached the point where neither my friends nor I could not tell the difference between CNN and the Onion.

This morning, several articles have me speculating whether site editors are just warming up for their 4/1 stories:

  • Some punchlines write themselves
  • Winning the war against new hotness and upselling to old and busted?
  • Making a desktop isn’t much more than dragging and dropping some widgets and some well-placed Javascript
  • What, it’s 1998 again?  Time for me to buy that new Ace of Base CD and get cracking on Y2K bugs
  • The Best Buy headquarters are actually near my office.  I can see smoke rising from the tower while Ents are flooding the orc (door attendants and receipt checkers) manufacturing facilities
  • What the hell is going on in Germany?  Are they trying to build a new EuroDisney ride?

Best part of this list: I’m taking bets on how many readers correct me on my 1998 by providing a full timeline of distro release dates.  The over/under is currently at 14.1.  In all seriousness, I welcome back RedHat to the party.  I ran into them in the forest during the great Desktop Wars of 2006 and they whispered reassuringly to me: I come back to you now at the turn of the tide.

Get it, that happened in the Ent’s forest – that’s called a tie-in.


One Response to “Quick Hits”

  1. Matt Broadstone Says:

    Oh Wade, where have you been dear boy. Monchichi!

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