I may/may not be the new Steinbeck.

March 13, 2007

After switching from Blogger to WordPress, I found that my new home for rambling won some “Once in a Lifetime Award” (handed out daily).

Number 6?  Not bad.  Let’s be honest: there’s no competing with robots playing guitar (#2) and nudies of American Idol contestants (#3).  So was I going to do much better than Top 5 anyway?  Doubtful – Little victories I say.

But the general list for growing blogs?  I’m barely Top 100 – this is totally unacceptable.  The problem?  I’m not befriended by powerful Snapple Special Interest Groups like Zack; I don’t have a built-in audience like CRAM (Capitalization Rejectionist American Membership) for Aaron to bump my numbers.

So how do I keep this rollercoaster going?  You tell me – give me some ideas.  No, you cannot use robots playing guitar and/or nudies of American Idol Contestants.  The pressure is overwhelming.  The heights are dizzying.


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