False Advertising

March 12, 2007

I was incredibly enthused to see Hollywood’s renewed interest in the bowling genre.  Since The Big Lebowski and KingPin, there has been a dearth of quality gripping dramas about the noblity of the King’s Sport.  So, after rushing to see an oeuvre on the quest for the perfect bowling score, I was sorely disappointed in Hollywood’s trickery.

As it turns out, the movie was instead some sort of documentary or history lesson.  I would ask Hollywood if it has no shame, but I applaud their neverending quest to educate the American public.  A tale of valiant europeans using dignity, honor and training to stand for freedom and against the barbaric oppressing hordes of Persia.  How did this movie ever get funding?  Hollywood really went out on a limb thinking the public would be open to such challenging viewpoints.


One Response to “False Advertising”

  1. Ian Monroe Says:

    I haven’t seen 300, but I was amused just from watching the previews that the soldiers of Sparta were standing up for freedom. Which is notoriously the most despotic of the Greek states. Even if it was Athens it would be pretty ironic given that most of the population was enslaved.

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