Color palette

February 27, 2007

To casual observers, I bet some deduce the progress of work on aspects of KDE 4.0 by looking at the topics on KDE blogs.

Maybe that’s not the most precise measurement, but I’m not quite finished with the Real Time ™ KDE Completion Gauge for each section of KDE. In fact, even though I’m 39.27% complete with the gauge, it only thinks that it’s 19.88% done. I digress….

Moving from daydreaming to brainstorming to discussion to architecture to library work…we’re now seeing some UI and presentation layer work. Recent blog entries show great progress on KDE games, KDE edu apps, anti-aliased network monitors, updated list selection concepts, requests for Kalzium images, etc.

As a friendly reminder, the Oxygen team has a color palette that they’ve been using in all new KDE imagery. I hope that as application maintainers move to interface work, it’s second nature to consider this color palette to ensure UI consistency. And if desktop/application consistency is important now, it will be all the more when KDE applications pack their bags, kiss their families goodbye, and start migrating to other computing platforms.

Sure, there are situations where an application might appropriately reference other colors (like the blinKen game), but don’t forget HIG/CIG. More to come on this topic via the Dot.


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